When atrocities of life start draining your soul and you find yourself in a crisis -physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, not to be understood  by anyone, that’s where we come. To empower and enlighten  you, to rejoice and rejuvenate you; through your passion and our ignition.

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About us

Welcome to our blog ! We really appreciate you for stopping by . This is created with an aim to provide mental , emotional , spiritual help to those who find it difficult to share their dilemmas with other people . To help those in need and to enlighten peoples’ lives with our own radiance is what we aspire to do.
With a hope to become an ear to those in need , we are 2 undergraduate college students from India. It often occurred to us , through our life experiences that the gleam of life is often disguise for the darkness it prevails. People find it tough , hard , resilient to share what they’re going through and this is the cause of the hardships they suffer – mentally , emotionally , spiritually, socially or physically. As our society gets progressive , lets mutually act and make our souls progressive as well. Through various articles, suggestions, stories, tips, poems in this blog we will try to be the ear you’v always wished for.
Its the ‘urja’ or energy of the system which never ceases to awaken the most impassive of things, so why not awaken yourself, your soul, your heart, your mind with this urja.
( with us as the wind beneath your wings)

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